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Survive and thrive your period with our box.

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How it works

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Each box includes 11 tampons (6 regular, 5 super), 4 pads, 3 panty liners, 1 reusable washable pad, 1 chocolate, 1 x 20 serving pouch of tea, 2 2-pack Advil, and 1 special treat

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A few days later, your package will arrive. Each month after that, expect a new box to be delivered. Now you're set to survive and thrive through each month!


Why we're different

We believe women should have an easily accessible alternative to chemical-laden period products. All our products follow our ethics by being at least one or more of the following:

  • organic
  • made in Canada
  • waste reducing
  • free of harmful chemicals
  • made by female entrepreneurs


Empower Women

Wherever possible, we source from local female artisanal suppliers, female entrepreneurs, and female focused products made by women.  Through your purchases, we also donate a portion of all proceeds to female focused charities.  Our charity of choice for 2019 is Harmony House Women's Shelter in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


We believe you deserve something better for your body. We want to educate every woman and we want to offer easy access to the organic products. It's time women are realized as more than just "small men". We have specific needs. Join the movement through a service made by a woman, explicitly for women.

Be Prepared

Menstruation Survival Kit Subscription Box


Life Happens

We talk about periods,

so, yes, we talk about the women that have them.

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Surviving and Thriving



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