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Find Your Wellness Tribe

Find Your Wellness Tribe

Find Your Wellness TribeFind Your Wellness TribeFind Your Wellness Tribe

What We Do

We want to help every woman survive and thrive through those feminine specific challenges by offering easy access to information, people, and products that will empower her to reach her goals; whatever they may be.  Join our period party (we can cry if we want to) with a service made by a woman, explicitly for those who identify as women.

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Empower Women

Wherever possible, we source from local female artisanal suppliers, female entrepreneurs, and female focused products made by women.  Through your purchases, we also donate a portion of all proceeds to female focused charities.  Our charity of choice for 2019 is Harmony House Women's Shelter in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Join the tribe!

Grab your sense of humour, your spare pair of underwear, and don't forget the chocolate! We're going on this wild ride called womanhood together ❤


Join the tribe to follow Health by 1000 Cures with me, Danika (aka Bosslady).