Promotional Printing, Apparel & Houseware


Now that I have your attention....

Allow us to introduce ourselves. I'm Danika (bosslady) and he's Denis (bossguy). We're those people with a weird sense of humour, and a love of all things that don't happen in corporate office spaces. 

We started The Naked Jar a short while ago, born out of a need to create marketing swag for our other businesses, and of course decorate our copious coffee mugs with inappropriate humor to help get us through the day.

We create, print, cut, heat, transfer, ink and paint logos, quotables, and basically anything else you can throw at us, on to apparel and housewares. We love to help create, capture, and celebrate memories. We love helping your work or sports team look a whole lot snazzier.

We make innappropriate jokes and swear a lot too - so if you're going to be easily offended... it's best you walk away now. We're not your people. ❤