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Welcome to your Period Survival Kit Subscription Box Service. Here you can learn how it works, see what could be in your box, and answer a few quick questions about yourself to let us get to know you better. Here is where we curate your perfect period box.

How it works

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We'll curate your perfect survival kit


 Before ordering, fill out the "Getting to Know You" Survey and tell us a bit about you. Boxes range from "Basic" (just period hygiene products @ $25/month) to "OMG Everything Hurts and I'm Dying" (pain relief, chocolate, luxury item, emergency clothing, and apothecary items @$100/month)

Your survival kit arrives shortly after!


 Select what level of pampering you need, purchase, and a few days later, your package will arrive. Each month after that, we'll send you a message with a preview of the next box and get you set up for your next purchase. Now you're set to survive and thrive through each month!